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Water is a vital resource, and is becoming increasingly scarce due to pollution and climate change. Membrane treatment systems are displacing traditional water treatment technologies due to the lower operating costs and higher product water qualities achieved. This has lead to an explosive growth in membranes used in water and wastewater treatment. Singapore is at the forefront of membrane technology with large investments in desalination and NeWater. In spite of this growth, the membrane industry has limited access to efficient sensors and monitors. This prevents end-users from fully optimizing the water treatment plant. Membrane Instruments and Technology Pte. Ltd. (MINT) is a Singapore-registered company with the aim of becoming a leader in membrane instrumentation and optimization technology. It will be the first specialist company of its kind to support the multi-billion dollar membrane industry. MINT’s core business is the provision of both the hardware and software for improving both the design and operation of membrane processes. Our “impossible dream” is the development of an automated control system which receives signals from the various specialized sensors, predicts the performance of the plant, and implements the correct control strategies.

About MINT

The vision of MINT is the encapsulation of information relating to the optimization of membrane processes. Membrane processes are set to be the next standard for water and wastewater treatment. However, membrane processes are difficult to optimize and sometimes require specialized knowledge and equipment in order to do so.

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