Product & Technology


MEM-SHIELD is the world’s first complete package for quantifying, detecting and isolating membrane integrity issues in MF/UF systems. Accurate, easy to use and with low maintenance costs, MEM-SHIELD provides peace of mind and operational sustainability for membrane based water treatment.

MEM-SHIELD has two functions as set out in the Membrane Filtration Guidance Manual as set out by the Environmental Filtration Guidance Manual.

1.  Direct Integrity Testing

  • Replacement for pressure and marker based tests
  • Resolution of breach in order of 3 microns
  • LRV Sensitivity up to 6
  • Time per test within 30 minutes

2. Continuous Indirect Monitoring

  • Replacement for light based tests (Turbidity Meter and Particle Counter)
  • Detection limit of 1 in 100,000 fibers broken
  • Array of sensors installed in plant allows isolation of problematic modules